Once you have completed and understood how to make your very own wearables from our beginners and intermediate workshops, you will be ready to move onto soldering and adding more components. The LED light up shoes uses pressure sensors in the heel that senses when to illuminate your funky shoes!

Circuitry & Soldering

In the advanced workshops you will be connecting LED strips and pressure sensors using conductive thread and soldering wires. The whole process is meticulous and requires a steady hand!


From coding in the previous workshops you will whiz through this section and be able to apply them to your shoes!

Wear it!

Its glow time! After completing all three levels of our workshops, you will be a fully fledged Wearable Tech Creator!

Our advanced workshops will teach you how to:

Learn how to create the circuit using conductive thread

Learn how to create a pressure sensor

Learn how to code using arduino

Learn how to solder using a soldering iron

Glow!  Show off and wear what you have created!