Our beginner’s workshops is an introduction to simple circuitry and working with conductive thread.¬†These workshops are a perquisite to our intermediate and advanced workshops.

Start with simple Circuitry

An introduction to the basic circuitry will be the foundations of creating your own wearables.

Introduction to conductive thread

After brushing up on your circuitry skills, you will begin integrating conductive thread to make your very own touch screen sensitive gloves!

Creating a pencil case or bracelet

After mastering stitching with conductive thread, we will show you how to create a complete circuit with an LED light to make a light up pencil case or light up bracelet that you can take home with you!

Our beginners workshops will teach you how to:

Learn the basics of circuitry

Learn how to create the circuit using conductive thread

Decorate your bracelet to suit your own personal style

Show off and take home what you have created!