Michelle is a guest writer for companies and organisations.  Here is a list of digital articles that Michelle has written.

Please contact Michelle if you would like her to write articles especially for you.

The Future Of Wearable Tech – the Smart Stiletto, Fash Nerd, Jan 2015

A Woman’s Guide to the Atmel Tech on Tour hosted by EBV, EBV Blog, May 2015

Wearable Technology Course, a review, FabLab Manchester, 2015

How I Won My First Ever Hackathon!, Manchester CoderDojo, Oct 2015

Happy Hands meets Manchester Girl Geeks @ #bracamp, Numbers That Matter, Jun 2014

“I was introduced to Michelle after she wrote an incredible blog about an event from Atmel and EBV Elektronik. When she told me about her start-up Made With Glove and what she already achieved I was deeply impressed. After that she was so kind to do some other blogs including an interview with me about women in tech and other technology related topics.  In a short space of time, both of Michelle’s blogs reached a readership of over 1000 hits for us.

Michelle was able to inspire and impress not only me but also my colleagues at EBV.  The professionalism and intelligence she brings to her start-up pave the way for the success she certainly will have!”

Kai Schmidt, Social Media & Content Marketing, Founder at Content Explosion