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When I lived in Melbourne Australia, I left my beloved Burberry umbrella in a cafe. When I returned, it was too late. It had been taken and my heart sank. Then it started to rain! 9 years on, I refuse to buy or shop for an umbrella over £5 for fear of losing it. Until I discovered Kisha, the world’s first Smart Umbrella that you can’t possibly lose! Kisha tells you the weather forecast in the morning and sends you […]

Welcome to my website

  Hello! Welcome to my new website!  Here you will find out about my company, MadeWithGlove, my public speaking and writing on all things wearable technology and fashion and my journey as an entrepreneur. After starting my business, MadeWithGlove full time in March 2014, I’ve been spreading the glove by sharing my ideas and meeting fantastic people.  I run my business from Manchester and have had the opportunity to travel throughout all parts of the UK and even international trips […]