I’ve interviewed many entrepreneurs on how they received their visa, shared their stories and how they overcame their challenges to help you apply for the UK Tech Nation Exceptional Talent Visa.

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Exceptionally Talented Woman in Digital Tech | Canadian Kayla Herbert

It is refreshing to meet other #TechNationVisa recipients who don’t have a “tech” background but rather a business or digital background.  What’s more refreshing is that it is a woman who decided to base herself in Leeds, the North of the UK. This is because only ⅓ of applicants for the Tech Nation Visa are female and it is inspiring to know that Kayla Herbert not only applied for but she successfully received her Exceptional Talent Visa. Originally from Canada, Kayla […]

Exceptionally Talented Software Architect from India | Anurag Jain

With 20% of #TechNationVisa applicants coming from India and 28% of applicants are software engineers, Anurag Jain was on a UK Tier 2 General visa before deciding to make the switch to the Exceptional Talent Visa. So when Anurag, Software Architect and Entrepreneur received the great news that he had been endorsed by Tech City and received his visa shortly after, he was very excited that he could work independently in the UK. This is because while Anurag was working […]

Exceptionally Talented Woman in Cybersecurity | Noha Amin

With only ⅓ of female applicants applying for the UK Tech Nation Exceptional Talent Visa, it was uplifting to hear that Noha Amin, Cybersecurity Leader from Egypt was granted the UK Tech Nation Exceptional Talent Visa.  It was even more good news when Noha decided to base herself and her family in Manchester.   Noha Amin was a resident of Bahrain for 13 years where she supercharged her experience in FinTech by managing information security systems in the banking sector. Noha also […]

Were You Unsuccessful in Your #TechNation Visa Endorsement?

This month, I’ve received some sad news from applicants who have been unsuccessful in their applications for the Tech Visa endorsement.  It is so disappointing to hear because they have worked so hard on their applications only to be denied by Tech City UK. My suggestion is to seek legal advice to at least review your application before you submit it. However, if it’s too late and you have a letter to say you are unsuccessful, here are some options […]

Exceptionally Talented Woman in Digital Tech Susan Fowler | #TechNationVisa

After starting my blogs on how I received my UK Tech Nation Exceptional Talent Visa, I have been inspired by helping people around the world wanting to also make the move to the UK.  I have also bumped into people in the UK who recognise me through my blogs.  It is a surreal experience when I am recognised but it also warms my heart when we form an instant connection because we have been through one of the most stressful […]

Tech Nation Visa Update | Post breakfast event May 2017

On 17 May 2017, TechCity hosted the Tech Nation Visa Breakfast, Bridging the UK’s talent gap at RSA House. It was a beautiful morning in London and more than 100 people filled the room to find out more about this exceptional visa.  I say exceptional because only 200 people from around the world can be successful in obtaining this visa.  And that is because they will have proven to Tech City that they have an exceptional talent or an exceptional […]

Top 10 FAQs UK #TechNation Exceptional Talent Visa

Since receiving my UK Tech Nation Exceptional Talent Visa in Digital and Technology in July 2016, I have been contacted by people from around the world showing amazing support and asking questions about their applications. I love listening to their stories and why they want to apply to settle in the UK.  To help with making the process easier and less daunting, I would like to share some common questions that I am often asked about my experience and my […]

How Alexa Shoen Did It | #TechNation Visa

Since receiving my UK TechNation Exceptional Talent visa, I have met such amazing and exceptionally talented people working in digital technology from around the world. Brenda Della Cassa, writer, digital media strategist and author from New York, Jônatas Vieira a UX designer from Brazil and more recently, it’s Alexa Shoen, a multi-talented and creative woman in digital tech from San Diego USA. Alexa is originally from San Diego who lived in Berlin for 2.5 years where she headed up Berlin […]

How a UX/UI Product Designer from Brazil received the UK TechNation Exceptional Talent Endorsement

Following from my last blog How We Received our TechNation Exceptional Talent Visa (and now adding to my new blogs), I was contacted by a very humble and polite man from a country town near São Paulo, Brazil, Jônatas Vieira. Chatting to Jônatas from Manchester via Skype, it was abundantly clear that he not only met all the criteria to apply for the UK TechNation endorsement by Tech City for an Exceptional Talent, but he exceeded them. The only issue was […]

Update: How we received the UK Tech Nation Exceptional Talent Visa

After my last blog on how I received the TechNation Exceptional Talent endorsement by TechCity UK, I was ecstatic that my visa application has now been approved by the Home Office only 3 weeks after submitting my application. I am now the recipient of the TechNation Exceptional Talent Visa! The good news seemed surreal because after 3 stressful months of working so hard to get this little card that says I can stay in the UK for 5 years, all […]

How I received an Exceptional Talent endorsement by Tech City UK

On 22 June 2016, the day before the announcement of Brexit, I was recognised as having an Exceptional Talent in Digital Technology by endorsement from Tech City UK. Tech City UK only issue 200 endorsements per year to individuals wishing to enter or remain in the UK under the Tech Nation Exceptional Talent Visa Scheme. With Manchester being one of the cities in the North that benefits from the fast track route, I was able to take this opportunity and […]


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