Michelle is a mentor at Inspiring the Future, She Says Manchester and is a STEM Ambassador in the UK.

Inspiring the Future is a UK national program that connects employers to students in schools and colleges to help them along their journey to a job, career or educational route.  It is important that young girls and boys are exposed to different industries and have access to people running companies so that they can ask questions and be mentored at an early age. Michelle believes that mentoring young people particularly in STEM will lead them to consider a career in STEM and be confident and successful individuals.

She Says Manchester is a chapter of the SheSays global award-winning organization that supports women in the creative industry. Why? Because they want to see more women at the top.

With her background as a University lecturer and tutor in Business Law in Perth, Western Australia, Michelle believes that education and mentoring is the foundation to empowerment, knowledge and confidence.

Please contact Michelle if you would like to enquire about mentoring.

“Try everything once and take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way. 

Explore, learn and ask questions to help you in your journey to becoming your unique self.

Because being you is what makes you special.”

Michelle Hua