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Wearable Tech Workshops with FDisrupters Liverpool

After securing funding from Awesome Liverpool we were able to deliver our wearable tech halloween workshops to FDisrupter girls aged 14-18 in Liverpool. The location was at Launch22, a fantastic incubator space for start ups and early entrepreneurs space to grow. Rachael Yeung and I started the workshop by providing the girls with an overview of the wearable tech fashion industry and showed them how wearable tech can be used to create something that is fashionable and FUNctional. The girls […]

WOW Talks | Women in Tech event London

Our co-founder Maria Butkovic and Wearable Tech assistant Rachael Yeung exhibited at the WOW Talks TV’s first women in tech event on 20th September 2016 in London. Here is Rachael’s account of it all. Setting up the exhibit space in the morning with our brand new display banner as we braced ourselves for the crowd of inspiration hungry school pupils to arrive.  We were informed that there would be 400 school girls arriving to be inspired! The event started with […]
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WTF | Wearable Tech Fashion | UV Sensor Hat

Our wearable technology assistant Rachael Yeung has been busy yet again creating more wearable tech! This time it is a UV sensor hat that reminds you to reapply your sunscreen. With summer being quite hot this year, we definitely need to ensure we are sun safe! Rachael explains how she made the wearable tech UV hat with Adafruit’s instructions. Having experience and skills from the previous wearable tech projects; LED light up shoes, and the Self Lighting Bag; the UV […]
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WTF | Wearable Tech Fashion | MakeFashion Canada

  Imagine a world where your clothes regulate your body temperature, monitor your vital signs, and your necklace begins to glow when the sun goes down.  With wearable tech and smart textiles becoming more and more accessible and technology improving every day, it’s already starting to happen. MakeFashion is a fashion tech organization founded in Canada in 2012 that curates, supports, and showcases a unique collection of wearable tech projects every year. Their annual gala in Calgary, Alberta every spring debuts […]