“Michelle is one of the few speakers I’ve seen that takes an authentic and inspiring personality directly into her presentations.  No exaggerations or smoke and mirrors, just honest and relateable advice based on real experiences that left our audience full of motivation and lining up to speak to her afterwards.  Can’t wait for her to speak again!”

Gareth Burton – Managing Director

Manchester UK

“Had a great experience with Michelle when she featured on the Girls In Movement Podcast – she has some great initiatives coming up and the workshops she is involved in are really interesting. Really interesting background in terms of where she started and how she came up with the ideas of Made With Glove. Looking forward to working with Michelle in the future!”

Prameet Polly Dhaliwal, Founder Girls In

London UK

“The creative tech worksop that I had with Michelle was really amazing.Her simple and creative approach made me design my own wearable technology which had utility+fashionable +creative+tech savvy and Michelle made it fun with learning. Michelle has inspired me to become an entrepreneur .”

Surabhi Modi, Student ESPC Business School


“Michelle is certainly one of the most inspiring women in Manchester and has been dedicated to helping build a growing support network and ecosystem in the city. We have collaborated on numerous community events and Michelle has never failed to support other women in tech, wearables and more. The Manchester ecosystem is lucky to have her.”

Vimla Appadoo – Service Design

Manchester UK

“Michelle is a bright burning light of intelligence, energy and focus. I would describe her as an “Entrepreneur’s Entrepreneur” and she’s someone I regularly draw insights and inspiration from. I’ve watched her contribute far more to people than she ever asked from anyone. A self-starter, who commits every bit of her being to back her entrepreneurial vision.

I’ve known Michelle for a number of years through her achievements as an entrepreneur. I regularly consult her for her insights and experience. She’s incredibly sharp and always does what she says she’ll do.”

Graeme Speak – CEO/Founder at BankVaultOnline.com


“Hi Michelle. I just wanted to say thanks for your wearable tech workshop and being our judge this week. You were truly inspirational and I now think I want to have a future in IT. So thanks alot!”

Ciara O’Neill, Student

Manchester UK

“Listening to Michelle’s story as a women in tech at the Girls in Tech event really kickstarted the motivation I needed within me. I couldn’t believe how much she had achieved with no real experience within the tech world. She was a lawyer and now CEO of a very scaleable wearable tech product.

Michelle was so well respected by everyone, the audience was captivated by her presentation and she is still in her start-up stage.  It amazed and inspired me.  I hope one day I can capture people’s attention the way Michelle did”.

Abigail Eardley – Founder Event Interaction Ltd

Manchester UK

Thank you for sharing the Exceptional Talent Visa opportunity with me and I hope this encourages more women to connect with us. We need to keep doing this visibility work to continue to break down the gender barriers! Thank you for all you’re doing to help break them down and she a light on what awesome women like yourself can do! Girl power! 


Susan Fowler – Founder, Fowler James

London UK

“I e-met Michelle back in September and we had an excellent communication over e-mail and Skype. We finally met at an event which she hosted and organised for Women of Wearables: How She Did It Women Building the Future of Wearable Technology at Digital Catapult Centre in London. She is a lovely person and her bubbly personality inspires me to be just like her! She guided me and my colleague throughout the event and provided everything we needed. She is a great communicator, and true entrepreneur. I have no doubt she will succeed in business!”

Anita Yustisia – Head of 4D+ Department at Octagon Studio


“We met Michelle on business trip in 2016 on behalf of Digital China in Manchester.

Michelle presented the wearable technology market and her innovative heated gloves for women.  What Michelle impressed us with was her courage in resigning from a secure job to enter a brand new industry.

As a high-tech company specialisting in smart cities and IoT, Digital China is more than happy to seek business opportunities in China for Michelle and her company, MadeWithGlove”.

Xue Yu – Consultant Digital China Institute of Smart Cities


“I first met Michelle during her presentation on Wearables at Mobile Monday Manchester in 2015.  Her presentation was superb and we knew she could really work with our students here at Lancaster University.

Michelle delivered a pitching workshop for our students for our Jolt the Library competition.  She met our expectations with ease and brilliance, every single student said how much they valued her sessions and finally felt ready for their pitch.

Michelle’s expertise in wearable technology are equally matched with her ability to inspire others to get out there and make things happen. We can’t thank Michelle enough”.

Robert Ellis – Team Leader Innovation Hub Lancaster University

Lancaster UK

“I met Michelle when I was applying to TechNation’s Exceptional Talent Visa, which can be a bit scary to make professionals think they’re not good enough to succeed. Michelle is a lovely person who guided me through everything, coached me on what needed to be adjusted and, especially, inspired me to go ahead. I hope I can be a motivator to my fellow Brazilians as she was to me.”

Jônatas Vieira – Digital Designer


“Michelle Hua has been a valuable and incredibly supportive mentor to me, providing quality contribution to Manchester and its emerging growth for start-ups and women in technology and business.

Michelle presented and inspired me to achieve and pursue my ideas and creative ambitions.  I strongly believe this is a vital component in creating an innovative society, especially in Manchester.  As a female founder in a tech company, Michelle is one of the few females that we have as an accessible role model in Manchester and is admired by many young women in business, women in technology and to female entrepreneurs”.

Sanah Shaikh – Founder SSSuits Ltd

Manchester UK

“I met Michelle when we were looking for inspirational women for our Women in Tech panel at the Get Digital Festival. She accepted our invitation with no hesitation and helped us source more fantastic speakers for the event. Michelle was a very engaging and passionate speaker.

It was a pleasure to work with Michelle. Her optimism and eneergy were contagious. She has been a great ambassador for the Business Growth Hub and #Eveolution – Women and Broadband ever since. Michelle is a role model and an inspiration for all start-ups and women in technology business.”

Ursula Stawik – Senior Events Co-ordinator, Business Growth Hub

Manchester UK

View Michelle’s previous public speaking engagements here.