Were You Unsuccessful in Your #TechNation Visa Endorsement?

This month, I’ve received some sad news from applicants who have been unsuccessful in their applications for the Tech Visa endorsement.  It is so disappointing to hear because they have worked so hard on their applications only to be denied by Tech Nation assessors.

My suggestion is to seek advice to at least review your application before you submit it.

However, if it’s too late and you have a letter to say you are unsuccessful, here are some options to help you decide on your next course of action.

1.       Speak to a lawyer and ask them to review your application, letter from Tech Nation and provide their legal advice;
2.       Depending on their advice you can either:

A.      ask the lawyer to help you seek a review of Tech Nation’s decision; or
B.      seek a review of Tech Nation’s decision yourself; or
C.      submit a fresh application.

If you submit a fresh application, you can:
1.       Do it yourself again and use my templates and resources.

Download the Tech Visa Application Templates

Tech Nation guidelines also state that you can re-apply with different supporting evidence. More information on the guidelines can be found here.

There are other visa routes you can consider such as the Entrepreneur’s Visa.  I have been successful in getting an Entrepreneurs visa also so I can share my experience about the Entrepreneur’s visa. The Government have also announced in June 2018, a new visa called the Start Up Visa. More information can be found here.

If you need legal advice, please email me at techvisa@michellehua.co.uk for a referral to the solicitors I used who can provide you with legal advice.

Don’t worry, there are always options and speaking to my UK Immigration solicitor will help you seek clarity so you can work out the best strategy moving forward.

For my Top 10 FAQs on the Tech Nation Exceptional Talent Visa process, click here.

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This blog was written by Michelle Hua, Speaker, Writer and CEO & Founder of Made With Glove, a UK wearable tech company designing heated gloves.  In 2016, Michelle was the recipient of the UK Tech Nation Exceptional Talent Visa. Read Michelle’s blogs on the #TechNationVisa here.

Follow Michelle on Twitter @MadeWithGlove.

*Please note this is not endorsed by the Home Office or Tech Nation and more information can be found in their official guidelines here. I cannot provide legal advice and can only share my experience about how I received my Tech Nation Exceptional Talent visa.


Download the Tech Visa Application Templates


*On 15 November 2017 that the number of Tech Nation Exceptional Talent Visas to be granted has doubled from 200 to 400 per year! Read more here.

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