What Does a Wearable Tech Assistant Do? Manchester Girl Geeks #BraCamp

manchester girl geeks bar camp #bracamp rachael young wearable tech assistant speaks at the annual event

Manchester Girl Geeks ran their fourth annual #BraCamp on Saturday 9th July 2016 at the awesome Autotraders office in Manchester.  Our wearable tech assistant Rachael Yeung volunteered to speak to fellow girl (and boy geeks) about her new role as a wearable tech assistant and wearable tech projects she has been working on. Here is Rachael’s experience of her first Girl Geeks barcamp.


The Manchester Girl Geeks barcamp is an “unconference” where all the attendees have the opportunity to be speakers.  They choose a time slot, the room and present any geeky topic they feel passionate to talk about and share with others.  All the topics were then displayed on the wall for fellow attendees to choose which talk they wanted to go to.  I raced to choose my time slot and preferred room called the Tolan room (all the rooms were named after the new Ghostbusters characters!) I chose the Tolan room because it was a room full of comfy looking couches which promoted a relaxed environment! I was one of the first to put my name up and thankfully got the time slot I wanted.

I am often asked about what my job is and what I do so the topic of my talk was “What does a Wearable Tech Assistant Do?”.


I spoke about my background and what I did to find a job in the wearable tech industry after graduating from Manchester Metropolitan with a Textiles degree and my work at MadeWithGlove. I elaborated on the wearable tech projects that I had worked on during the development of the MadeWithGlove heated gloves.  I explained and showed the audience my  Self Lighting bag, and the LED Light up shoes that I made.

We will be conducting some wearable tech workshops on how to make your own wearables.  If you are interested in participating, please sign up here.

I also spoke about my current work with Invisible Dust on the Human Sensor Project, and how I learnt about air pollution in Manchester.

To help others, I gave some Top Tips on how to get into the wearable tech industry because it is such a new industry.

When I finished there was a friendly round of applause and lots of questions about MadeWithGlove and my projects. Even though I was shaking with nerves, I managed to get most of the information across. I was also pleasantly surprised that 15 people came to hear my talk!

The annual #BraCamp was a great experience. There were many more talks about geeky subjects like coding for kids, women coding events and even more casual talks about how to get freebies! Overall it was a brilliant day full of great food and a wonderful experience learning and connecting with other girl and boy geeks. There was even a goodie bag to take home at the end of the day!

Here is a video of my talk at the Manchester Girl Geeks bar camp!


For more presentations at MadeWithGlove, watch our Michelle Hua give a guest lecture to the University of Salford Masters students on her journey in the wearable tech industry here.



Rachael Yeung wearable tech assistant executive MadeWithGlove wearable technology innovator consultantThis blog was written by Rachael Yeung our Wearable Tech Assistant at MadeWithGlove. Rachael is a tech enthusiast and blogger on Wearable Tech Fashion.  With a background in textiles and fashion, Rachael is making some great WTF products for us at MadeWithGlove.

Follow Rachael on twitter @RachaelYeung21

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