How to make your own wearable tech projects

Our wearable tech workshops teach you how to make your own wearable tech projects. We have beginner, intermediate and advanced classes in Manchester and London.

Introduction to circuitry

Learn the basics of circuitry and create your own circuits using conductive thread.

2 hour workshops. Learn more


Our intermediate workshop teaches you how to create a self lighting bag and a UV sensor hat by creating a circuit and learning how to code.

Half day workshops. Learn more

Coding and Soldering

Our advanced workshop teaches you how to create a circuit, learn how to code and solder.

Full day workshops. Learn more


We all had a fab time making the bracelets – an educational activity (with the circuitry) but with a quirky twist that allowed us to spend some quality time together doing something completely different that I never knew was possible. We can’t wait for the next session. Great to meet other local young families! You and the other ladies helping were so friendly, patient and helpful! Thank you so much!

Look forward to seeing you again soon.

Rachel (mum), Jean (Nana), Niamh and Ella

Thanks for organising the Wearable Tech workshop at Sale. Amy really had a good time and learnt a lot from you and your team.  Currently, she is learning coding and is very keen on knowing how to combine coding and the wearable tech together.

Therefore, she cannot wait to come to the next workshops and keeps asking me what dates will be the next one.

Many thanks again for this fantastic workshop.

Josephine (mum) and Amy, 9

Quinn and I had a lovely day and would most certainly welcome another opportunity to explore designer tech. As a father in science I believe it’s important to support curiosity and learning at all ages. I gravitate naturally towards STEM, but feel that it is a much under-appreciated subject (especially these days), but so important as most of our society depends on a fundamental appreciation of these areas.

I fully support what you are aiming to do with girls in STEM.

Good luck and I hope to get an opportunity to join up again

Claus (dad) and Quinn, 3

I had a lot of fun at the workshop and met some interesting people. The activities we took part in were fun and educational and the instructions were clear. I think workshops like this are vital to our community and young people as technology is in every aspect of our lives, and the creation of technology should not be limited to a certain gender or certain type of person.

Workshops like these teach children and especially girls that they can do anything they put their mind to.

Alice, 19

What was your favourite part of the week?

“Wearable tech workshop was my favourite.”
“Making the bracelet.”
“The WoW presentation was wow!”
“Wearable tech workshop was fun and fantastic.”
“Wearable tech workshop, cool and cute.”

Cisco Pathway to Your Future Work Experience Program, Girls 16-18

I cannot emphasize how much the children enjoyed themselves especially my son, Hasnain who learnt how to sew for the first time. The support and help made the experience even better for all children and they are keenly looking forward to the next event.

Thanks again and keep up the great work!

Nadeem (dad) Lybah, Anaya, Hasnain

Thank you so much. She had such a great time!

Perfect combination – Craft + Tech = 1 Happy girl!

Aviva (mum), Milli


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