Since I received my endorsement for exceptional talent and receiving my #TechNationVisa, there have been many changes since 2016.

The February 2020 change was the rebrand from the Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Visa to the Global Talent Visa.  Read my blog on the recent changes to the Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Visa here.

The June 2020 change included minor technical changes. Read my blog on the June 2020 changes to the UK Global Talent Visa in Digital Technologies #TechnationVisa here.

One of the notable changes that has been very helpful are the eligibility requirements for the #TechNationVisa. Tech Nation has now made it very clear in their guidelines by specifically listing the occupations that are not eligible for this route.

The occupations that are not eligible include:

Service Delivery 

Process Delivery


Consultancy (management or technical)

ERP Consultancy 

Systems Admin and all related fields. 

Corporate roles or experience of managing large corporate teams. 

Junior investors / analysts. Such specialisms must be supported by an investment track record made at a senior level and are not suitable for Exceptional Promise. 

Business skills apply to in-house work within product-led digital technology companies, not tech-enabled or service companies such as agencies, outsourcers, marketing firms etc.

This list is useful because Tech Nation are specifically looking for particular applicants who can be endorsed with exceptional talent or promise so that they can make a significant impact to the digital technology sector.  

The June 2020 change makes it clear what the definition of Consultant is: management or technical.

Therefore, technical or management consultants, outsources or those working in agencies working in the digital technology sector are not suitable applicants and therefore, are not eligible.

Tech Nation have also announced that the Global Talent Visa route is available for ‘highly-skilled’ tech entrepreneurs and employees working in the digital technology sector. It also confirmed that the Global Talent visa should not be considered for general employment.

In other words, the UK Global Talent Visa is not like a job application.  Applicants must show exceptional talent or exceptional promise in the field of digital technology AND be within a (non exhaustive) list of occupations and skills in a product- led digital technology company. The good news is that “list” is only an indication of the types of skills that they would consider…

What Is Eligible?

I have explained what is not eligible, here is a list of skills that Tech Nation have indicated that would make an applicant eligible or suitable.

The June 2020 changes further add clarification that those with Technical Skills must show proven expertise with the latest digital technologies.

If you don’t see your skills below, Tech Nation have specifically stated that this is not an exhaustive list and that these skills are only an indication of the types of skills that they would consider. In other words, it is up to you to push these boundaries, to explain why your skills, even though it is not in this list could make you a suitable candidate. The evidence you present, the documents you produce along with all your expert letters of recommendation and personal statement will help tell your story as to why you should be considered for this route. The digital technology sector is an ever evolving one. New skills, new innovations and new inventions are being produced every day. I can’t stress enough that you are working in the digital technology sector. The onus is on you to put your best self forward.

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This blog was written by Michelle Hua, Consultant, Speaker, CEO & Founder of Made With Glove. In 2016, Michelle was the recipient of the Exceptional Talent Visa (now called Global Talent Visa) and is the former #TechNationVisa Ambassador.  Michelle consults for highly skilled tech entrepreneurs and people working in digital technologies on how they can receive the endorsement for exceptional talent or exceptional promise. Read Michelle’s other blogs on the #TechNationVisa here and Michelle’s own journey here.