The Global Talent Visa (formerly known as the Exceptional Talent Visa) is a special visa introduced by the UK Government to allow highly skilled entrepreneurs and talent in the digital technology sector the right to live and work in the UK for up to five years. 

 It is a two stage process where the applicant must first be endorsed by Tech Nation, a UK Government organisation set up to empower ambitious tech entrepreneurs to grow faster through growth programmes, digital entrepreneurship skills, a Global Talent visa scheme for exceptional talent, and by championing the UK’s digital sector through data, stories and media campaigns.

An applicant must meet the strict criteria set by Tech Nation before they can apply for the Global Talent Visa. 

Here are some handy steps for applicants wishing to apply for the Stage 1 endorsement:

  1. Determine whether you fall into the Exceptional Talent or the Exceptional Promise category
  2. Determine which criteria you would like to select 
  3. Gather the relevant documentation to fulfil the criteria
  4. Determine who will be your experts to write your letters of recommendation
  5. Determine who will be your support people to write your letters of support to help you fulfil the criteria
  6. Review your CV and edit to show exceptional talent, leadership, achievements, outcomes/impact from projects
  7. Write your personal statement which will include your plans in the UK if you receive the visa.

The Global Talent Visa is more than a job application so you must consider and reflect on your career achievements in the digital technology sector and what you plan to do in the UK.

The benefits of the Global Talent Visa in Digital Technology is that it will provide you with:

  1. Freedom and flexibility
  2. the ability to live and work in the UK for up to five years
  3. the ability to apply for indefinite leave to remain and British Citizenship 
  4. ability to bring your dependants with you
  5. register a UK Ltd company
  6. work for a tech company without the need for company sponsorship

Having been endorsed with exceptional talent by Tech Nation in 2016 and received the visa myself, I was able to take advantage of all the above.  I am now a British citizen and have the true freedom and flexibility to live and work in the UK and travel the world as I please.

On the 30 January 2020, the UK Government announced that the Global Talent Visa will replace the Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Visa from 20 February 2020. Read my blog about the minor changes here.

This blog was written by Michelle Hua, Consultant, Speaker, CEO & Founder of Made With Glove. In 2016, Michelle was the recipient of the Exceptional Talent Visa (now called Global Talent Visa) and is the former #TechNationVisa Ambassador.  Michelle consults for highly skilled tech entrepreneurs and people working in digital technologies on how they can receive the endorsement for exceptional talent or exceptional promise. Read Michelle’s other blogs on the #TechNationVisa here and Michelle’s own journey here.