WTF stands for Wearable Tech Fashion. 

In 2016, wearable tech was booming.  This is because all of a sudden, technology was no longer a standalone industry.  When technology is being worn on the body, it makes people interested in how it looks on them.  Which in turn makes the creators of wearable tech look to those who know and understand fashion.  2016 saw many collaborations with tech companies and fashion brands while also solving their problems.  Here are some blogs that I wrote with my wearable tech assistant, Rachael Yeung and our perspectives on the wearable tech and wearable tech fashion industries.

As the Founder & CEO of Made With Glove  it became apparent that there weren’t many women in the wearable tech industry. I co-founded Women of Wearables with Marija Butkovic in 2016 where we built a community of women in the wearable tech, fashion tech, IoT and AR/VR industry. What started in London and the UK, grew to a worldwide and global community of women building wearable tech products.

We were overwhelmed with the support and connections we made with women around the world and provided them with the visibility they needed for their business. Marija now supercharges Women of Wearables and I am working on Made With Glove, consulting and coaching as well as speaking engagements.

Listen to our interview on Electric Runway’s podcast about Women of Wearables, wearable tech fashion, Made With Glove and Kisha, the smart umbrella.

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