When I lived in Melbourne Australia, I left my beloved Burberry umbrella in a cafe. When I returned, it was too late. It had been taken and my heart sank. Then it started to rain!

9 years on, I refuse to buy or shop for an umbrella over £5 for fear of losing it. Until I discovered Kisha, the world’s first Smart Umbrella that you can’t possibly lose!


Kisha tells you the weather forecast in the morning and sends you a notification to your smartphone when you leave her in a cafe, bar, restaurant or shop. She is built to last with perfect stitching and finishing with a 3 year warranty to back up the workmanship. So no more umbrellas in bins after a fight with the wind!

What’s more, Kisha looks like a normal umbrella but with a fashionable and tech twist! Wirelessly connected to your smartphone via bluetooth, the tech is invisible and the umbrella is stylish. For all my fellow fashion conscious and tech savvy ladies, fashion and functionality have finally merged.

Priced from just $69.95US (approximately £50 GBP) and a fantastic new colourful range to choose from, the biggest challenge is to pick just one umbrella!


Kisha umbrella autumn-winter 2015/2016 collection

My personal favourites are the Kisha Optical Illusion Limited Edition and the Kisha Classic Pink to add some colour to the gloomy weather in the UK!


Marija Butkovic, a former lawyer from Croatia, now based in London, is the Head of Business Development for this innovative start up. Marija tells me that she and the founders and creators of Kisha are from Rijeka Croatia, a seaport located in Kvarner Bay off the Adriatic Sea. With no dry season, it’s no wonder they came up with the idea of the smart umbrella.

Kisha also means rain in Croatian. Not only is Kisha a smart umbrella, she has just taught us a new word in another language.

For Christmas 2017, Kisha is offering a $25 off all their umbrellas!  Never lose your umbrella again and get Kisha here!


This blog was written by Michelle Hua, writer and public speaker on wearable tech and fashion.  Michelle is also the Founder & Director of MadeWithGlove, a UK wearable tech company designing fashionable heated gloves for women.  Follow Michelle on Twitter @MadeWithGlove.

Thank you to all my readers who voted for my blog in the National UK Blog Awards 2016.  My blog made the Top 10 best blog in the Digital and Tech category and I went to the awards evening on 29 April 2016 in London! Read my blog on what happened on the evening here!

*This is not a sponsored post. Marija and I personally know each other through our passion for Women of Wearables.