Imagine a world where your clothes regulate your body temperature, monitor your vital signs, and your necklace begins to glow when the sun goes down. 

Trio of Dancers): Photo by Ernesto Augustus – Studio E Photography. Stardancers for MakeFashion by Catherine Larose.

With wearable tech and smart textiles becoming more and more accessible and technology improving every day, it’s already starting to happen.

MakeFashion is a fashion tech organization founded in Canada in 2012 that curates, supports, and showcases a unique collection of wearable tech projects every year.

(Crowd on runway): Photo by MakerFaire.

Their annual gala in Calgary, Alberta every spring debuts 10-20 new pieces, which subsequently tour around the world, giving design teams international exposure of their WTF | Wearable Tech Fashion creations.

Each piece combines art with design, fashion with technology and wearable electronics makes it all happen.  A talented team from different industries such as designers, engineers, artists and makers get together to share their knowledge and ideas, understand new and old technologies to create something that is functional, wearable, comfortable and beautiful.

Because that’s what WTF | Wearable Tech Fashion is all about.

It all comes together in Canada that tells a moving story on a theatrical runway.

(Purple rocks): Photo by Kelly Hofer, Design by Maria Orduz for MakeFashion

(Trio of Dancers): Photo by Ernesto Augustus – Studio E Photography. Stardancers for MakeFashion by Catherine Larose.

How can you be involved?

MakeFashion are calling for submissions from creative teams to be involved with this amazing opportunity.

With a deadline of September 1st 2016 to submit your entries and the projects must be completed by March 2017.

The runway show is expected to be even more spectacular than the last.  WTF | Wearable Technology Fashion fuses tech with fashion with function and style that this is an event not to be missed!

For more information on key dates, click here!

This blog post was written by Michelle Hua, Founder & CEO of MadeWithGlove, a UK wearable tech company designing fashionable heated gloves for women. In 2014, Michelle led MadeWithGlove to being in the Top 150 Most Influential Brands in Wearable Tech and was a finalist and highly commended blogger at the UK Blog Awards 2016.

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