Our wearable technology assistant Rachael Yeung has been busy yet again creating more wearable tech! This time it is a UV sensor hat that reminds you to reapply your sunscreen. With summer being quite hot this year, we definitely need to ensure we are sun safe!

Rachael explains how she made the wearable tech UV hat with Adafruit’s instructions.

Photo by Michelle Hua

Having experience and skills from the previous wearable tech projects; LED light up shoes, and the Self Lighting Bag; the UV sensing hat was straight forward and easy to put together, even with the new UV sensor!

All we needed was a sun hat, an adafruit flora, a piezo buzzer, a UV sensor, a battery and conductive thread and away we went!

I had to thoroughly read through the instructions to make sure I had the Arduino libraries properly set up so everything would run smoothly. Connecting the Piezo buzzer to play the reminder tune was very easy as it had no positive or negative nodes, so it didn’t matter which way it was connected. Once this was connected to the Flora, I tested it with a test code to make sure it made a noise. It’s programmed to play the iconic Mario theme tune from the original game!


Connecting the UV sensor was a little bit trickier as it is a very small sensor with four connections. Working with conductive thread, I had to make sure all the ends were tied tightly and neatened with nail varnish before being trimmed to make sure it wouldn’t short circuit.

After testing both sensors, I coded it and entered in the current UV value being picked up by the weather stations. I then set the timer for every 10 seconds to check that this new code worked by playing the Mario theme tune every time! I switched this to two hours so that I will have plenty of time to reapply my sunscreen.

Photo by Michelle Hua

How does the hat work?

The UV sensor works by monitoring the UV light when you’re outside. After setting the current UV levels to match the weather forecast through the flora and setting the timer, the piezo buzzer plays a tune to remind you to put your SPF sunscreen on! You can adjust the UV levels to your skin type too. So for example, you can raise the levels if you have fair skin.

I think this project is a great and easy one to follow for our new wearables workshops that we are currently planning on.

To work on improving the hat, I’m looking to change the tune coded and maybe make it play “The sun has got his hat on!”. I can also decorate it however I like, with a scarf or with ribbons and badges to change the look. Now that we can be reminded to reapply our sunscreen we can really enjoy the sunny days out safely!

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This blog was written by Rachael Yeung our Wearable Tech Assistant at MadeWithGlove. Rachael is a tech enthusiast and blogger on Wearable Tech Fashion.  With a background in textiles and fashion, Rachael is making some great WTF products for us at MadeWithGlove.

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