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In 2013, I travelled to Prague for a weekend city break.  After landing in -21 degrees and embarking on a 6 hour walking tour, my fingers started to feel very numb from the cold.  I had disposable hand warmers but because I had my gloves on, I couldn’t feel the warmth from the hand warmers.  It was only until I put the hand warmers inside my glove that I felt immediate relief….

When I returned to the UK, I researched fashionable heated gloves. But I couldn’t find any.  My journey into developing innovative heated gloves began after I won a wearable tech hackathon in Manchester using sensors to measure the temperature and a heating element to warm the gloves.

After prototyping with many different materials, we discovered Graphene. A new novel material that is stronger than steel, transparent, highly conductive and flexible enabled us to test and realise its potential commercial application for our gloves.




MadeWithGlove’s five year journey has been one of many trials and tribulations, excitement and trepidation, perspiration and inspiration and it isn’t over yet.  For being an entrepreneur, an innovator and an inventor requires patience, creativity, resources, funding, motivation and above all else, the power to keep going, to pivot and to be patient for the right time. Because timing is everything.



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