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When you’re so busy, overwhelmed with the process and want to stay focussed, wouldn’t it be nice to be guided through your Tech Nation endorsement application with an expert?

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Unlimited Number of Visa Endorsement applications are approved each year*…
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Let me do what I do best… helping you stay focussed throughout the whole application process from start to finish!

Let me do what I’ve done successfully for many others, just like you, and take the stress out of your endorsement application process…

Simply hit the button below to enter your details and complete a short questionnaire, so I can assess your eligibility and work with you to help you apply for the Exceptional Talent or Exceptional Promise endorsement!

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Hear what my clients say about me.
"I remember feeling extremely overwhelmed but I was drawn to Michelle because she knew exactly how I was feeling as she had gone through the same thing I was about to go through. She made the application process very enjoyable but she kept her eyes on our goals and held me accountable on all my weekly deliverables. We worked really hard and we had the cause to laugh harder when I got my endorsement a day after submission. I am thankful for the experience to work with one of the best there is!"
Exceptional Talent Recipient.
"I just heard and they accepted my appeal!!!!! I am so shocked and relieved and just unbelievably GRATEFUL to you for everything. There are hardly words to express how thankful I am for everything you’ve done for me. You have literally changed my life and I 100% would not have gotten this without you. THANK YOU ❤️ "
Exceptional Promise Visa recipient.
"The amount of work and the effort you put in is remarkable and that was the reason I could make it successful. I recall when I started thinking about the 10 documents and the day I submitted, you helped improve the quality and language of my documents and application by more than 80%. I only had the content in my mind but you gave my whole documentation and application proper shape. Thank you Michelle from the bottom of my heart."
Enterprise Architect
Exceptional Promise Visa recipient.
"My initial unsuccessful application came with feedback that further increased my chances. Michelle helped me in putting a structure and strategy around my application. That was the gap for me. I was so overwhelmed with the process and Michelle’s help and support was my golden bullet."
Exceptional Promise Recipient.
“I’m writing to tell you some amazing news! I just got the endorsement! =) Very happy about it! I appreciate all the help and thank you for all the very valuable info you gave me, I’ll be forever grateful!”
Digital Designer
Exceptional Talent Visa recipient.
South Africa
“I am delighted to be able to offer this feedback to Michelle Hua whose templates and general advice has helped me significantly in preparing an effective personal mission statement. I really can’t thank her enough for the support and guidance on this matter. Absolutely amazing and excellent delivery. Thanks, Michelle, keep doing great things!”
Software engineer,
"l’d like to write to you to tell you the good news that I received the endorsement from Tech Nation as Exceptional Promise! It’s absolutely the best news of the year 🙂 Many thanks for your materials in your membership area and support along the way."
Digital Marketing
“Hi Michelle. I wanted to drop you a quick email to say “thank you” for having a call with me during the summer and encouraging me to apply for Tier 1 visa. I got the decision yesterday and I got the endorsement, so thank you so much for your help and support. It means alot”.
Tech Entrepreneur
Exceptional Promise Visa recipient.
“When I was first researching the Exceptional Talent Visa, your blog was my first stop that gave me direction on how to start and what to do. With your writing, you have inspired me to be confident in applying for this visa. It made my life easier with all the information you accumulated, especially with your Tech Nation Visa blog series. So thanks a lot"
Exceptional Promise Visa recipient.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sitting On The Fence About It...? See If We Haven't Answered Your Question Already!

No. The UK Global Talent Visa in Digital Technologies is a 2 stage process. You must be endorsed with Exceptional Talent or Exceptional Promise by Tech Nation before you apply to the UK Home Office for the visa. Endorsement decisions are based on the Assessor’s decision. Resources and access to my membership area will help you with all the information you need to present yourself in the right way for the best chance of receiving your endorsement from Tech Nation. The endorsement stage is often the main part of the process where people fail)

Not necessarily, you can go through the Stage 1 endorsement application on your own. Stage 2 is an immigration application and you can seek the services of a solicitor for Stage 2.

Of course you can! My Strategy Session and access to my membership area provides full resources to help you with your application. My years of knowledge and expertise on the UK Global Talent Visa process will be applied at the Strategy Session to help you prepare your documents from the start to ensure you don’t make any mistakes. My Membership Area is also there to make the whole process easier, quicker and give you the best chance of being accepted as a suitable candidate for Tech Nation to endorse your Stage 1 application, which is a requirement of the application process. How can we be so sure you will love all my resources and they will be a godsend? Easy, I have been a successful applicant for the endorsement myself, so I’ve been in your shoes and know the process, or more importantly what it takes to be approved! Oh, and as a former Ambassador for Tech Nation, with an 80% success rate in helping more than 250 highly skilled tech entrepreneurs and talent in digital technologies, who better to guide you through this part of the process?

The changes in 2020 means that Tech Nation can endorse unlimited applications each year! That doesn’t mean Tech Nation’s endorsement criteria will be relaxed, in fact, Tech Nation’s endorsement rate is 54% which means it’s even more important for your application to be as strong as possible.

I am highly experienced in coaching other tech entrepreneurs and tech talent just like you and I have helped over 250 applicants with this process. For the past 7 years, I have been in the UK tech sector and understand all the challenges of working in the tech sector. My strategy sessions will help you gain that perspective you need to ensure you produce the right documents and the right evidence at the start for the Assessor to understand why you are more than good enough to succeed in getting the endorsement. My Strategy Sessions provide you with the high level overview and clear roadmap of what your application could look like so you can do it yourself and/or be confident that you are a good candidate for the endorsement.

The endorsement guidelines are a great resource for you to get started with your application. However, as you go through and apply the guidelines to your particular situation, there can be so much information that you have to sift through and criteria you have to choose and meet. My Strategy Session and access to my membership area will provide you with extra resources to help you with that process including my templates, wording examples, explainer videos, webinar presentation, you’ll be in a better position to increase your chances of a successful application.


My resources do not guarantee endorsement by Tech Nation UK and this is only for Stage 1 endorsement process. If you have any immigration questions or need advice on Stage 2 visa applications, I advise seeking the services of a UK immigration lawyer specialising in UK visas.

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