UK Global Talent Visa Coaching Packages

My Packages of Support for the UK Global Talent Visa

I provide many different types of support for applicants wishing to apply for the UK Global Talent Visa and I only coach in the UK Global Talent Visa in Digital Technologies; i.e. the #TechNationVisa. 

In the past 5 years, I have helped over 500 applicants tech applicants with their #TechNationVisa Stage 1 endorsement applications.  My success rate is 90% because I have been through the process myself and I was endorsed with Exceptional Talent in 2016. 
I have also supported applicants with appeals therefore I have insights on the types of feedback from Assessors. I have supported over 500 applicants from a range of technical and business skills from CEOs, CTOs, UX Designers, Start up entrepreneurs, Product Marketers, Digital Marketers, Business Development Managers and Directors, Solutions Architects, Software Engineers, graduates, game designers, researchers… the list goes on!  

I’d love to help you through my packages of support available below.

15-Min Discovery Call

Want to find out if you’re eligible? Complete this questionnaire for a free 15 minute discovery call to discuss your eligibility.


Need just one hour to discuss your application? A Q&A session with me to ask any further questions you may have about your application.

DIY Membership Area

My tried and tested templates and online resources will help you prepare your application. Each comes with explainer videos to show you how to fulfil each criteria.

Strategy Session

Book a strategy session where you will have up to 3 hours to go into a deep dive discussion and high-level overview of what your application and documents should look like. (Includes DIY Membership Area)

Review Package

Select my review package to receive a Strategy Session before you begin, check-in point in the middle of your application and a final review of your complete application before you submit.

Premium Coaching

My personalised 8 week coaching package means that you will receive my support to draft, edit and finalise all 15 documents. I have an 80% success rate so my support will make your application stronger.

DIY Appeal Membership Area

Need support on how you can start the appeal process? Use my tried and tested template wording with explainer videos to help you draft your appeal.

Review Unsuccessful Decision

Received an unsuccessful result and don’t know what to do? Let me review your application and the assessor's feedback to discuss your options and the likelihood of a successful appeal.

Draft Appeal

Once I review the Assessor's decision, let me take the pressure off and draft your appeal for you to increase your chances of overturning the Assessor’s decision.
How it works?

How I Can Help You With The UK Global Talent Visa Endorsement Process

My success rate is 90% so working with me will increase your chances of getting endorsed with Exceptional Talent or Exceptional Promise so that you can apply for your Global Talent Visa in Digital Technology.

The Global Talent Visa or Tech Nation Visa (formerly called the Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Visa) in Digital Technology is a special visa introduced to allow highly skilled tech entrepreneurs and talent apply for the right to live and work in the UK for up to five years.  It is a two stage process where the applicant must be endorsed by Tech Nation, a UK Government organisation which helps the UK tech sector grow through a range of programmes and support entrepreneurs in digital technology. An applicant must be endorsed with Exceptional Talent or Exceptional Promise by meeting the strict criteria set by Tech Nation before they can apply for the Global Talent Visa. #TechNationvisa specifically refers to the Global Talent Visa in Digital Technologies

In 2016, I was endorsed with Exceptional Talent in Digital Technologies for my work in advocating women in tech and for developing innovative technology for my UK tech start up, Made With Glove. I received the Global Talent Visa to live and work in the UK and became the Ambassador for the #TechNationVisa Scheme. In just three years, I received my Indefinite Leave to Remain Visa and became a British Citizen as a result of being a recipient of the UK Global Talent Visa. I have coached over 500 highly skilled tech entrepreneurs and talent with the Stage 1 endorsement application.

*Disclaimer – the Stage 1 endorsement for exceptional talent and exceptional promise are not visa applications. I only coach in Stage 1 endorsement applications.  For any immigration advice, please seek the services of an immigration solicitor.

Ready to start?

Complete an Eligibility Questionnaire for a free 15 minute Discovery Call.

All queries are replied within 48hrs.

Help to Meet the Strict Criteria
The Global Talent Visa #TechNationVisa process requires you to meet the strict criteria. Let me help you decide which criteria suits your situation and how to fulfil the criteria in the best way in my Strategy Sessions.
Help to Structure Your Application
While content is king in meeting the strict criteria, structure is queen! Let me help you structure your application to increase your chances of a successful application.
Coach and Guide You to Success
I was a solicitor in Australia and have 5 years experience in the Stage 1 endorsement process. I am an experienced adviser, coach and mentor who will help you through the endorsement process.
Review and Sense Check
It is important to have an expert who not only understands the requirements but has also been through the process herself. I have helped over 500 tech entrepreneurs and talent just like you. With an 90% success rate, I spot gaps, review your thought process and help you improve your application.
Answer Your Questions
Got any niggling questions that you just can’t find the answer to? Let me take the stress out of the application process by answering all your questions that is relevant to you and your situation, give you ideas on how you can strengthen your application and provide tips and guidance on how to present your evidence in the right way.
Weekly Zoom Callls
My bespoke 1-2-1 coaching package of support includes weekly zoom calls to discuss your application in detail and help you fulfil the criteria, meet the guidelines, answer all your questions and help you structure your application. I only accept a limited number of clients per month giving you my undivided attention.
Vocational Training and Support
Having been in the UK tech industry for the past 7 years, I became a thought leader in the wearable tech industry. I provide vocational training and support to help you build your tech career in the UK because being a leader in the tech industry, making significant impact and being innovative requires you to possess a range of skills to be an exceptional talent.

Results I have helped create

Hear out what my clients say about me.

"I remember feeling extremely overwhelmed but I was drawn to Michelle because she knew exactly how I was feeling as she had gone through the same thing I was about to go through. She made the application process very enjoyable but she kept her eyes on our goals and held me accountable on all my weekly deliverables. We worked really hard and we had the cause to laugh harder when I got my endorsement a day after submission. I am thankful for the experience to work with one of the best there is!"

Exceptional Talent Recipient.

"My initial unsuccessful application came with feedback that further increased my chances. Michelle helped me in putting a structure and strategy around my application. That was the gap for me. I was so overwhelmed with the process and Michelle’s help and support was my golden bullet."

Exceptional Promise Recipient.

"I just heard and they accepted my appeal!!!!! I am so shocked and relieved and just unbelievably GRATEFUL to you for everything. There are hardly words to express how thankful I am for everything you’ve done for me. You have literally changed my life and I 100% would not have gotten this without you. THANK YOU ❤️ "

Exceptional Promise Visa recipient.

"Michelle was extremely reassuring and based on her own experience and with other clients, she’s seen it all. The most remarkable part was the amount of confidence I began to build during our time in working together. I received so much more than just materials and resources. Michelle provided a valuable second eye on all my documents and writing, she questioned and helped problem-solve and provided endless encouragement. I’m so grateful for my time with Michelle and I have come out of the process more confident in who I am as a professional, but also where I want to take my career. It’s so worth it!"

Senior UX Designer
Exceptional Talent Visa recipient.

"The amount of work and the effort you put in is remarkable and that was the reason I could make it successful. I recall when I started thinking about the 10 documents and the day I submitted, you helped improve the quality and language of my documents and application by more than 80%. I only had the content in my mind but you gave my whole documentation and application proper shape. Thank you Michelle from the bottom of my heart."

Enterprise Architect
Exceptional Promise Visa recipient.

"The nature of my engagement with Michelle started off with limited engagement and soon my timely self-realisation expanded our relationship to cover each application aspect. Our engagement was intense as we discussed and debated both the guideline text and my evidence till the finish line. I always saw Michelle as a ‘sculptor’ who shaped my application throughout the entire process. We worked very closely in strategising, planning and execution. Michelle’s ‘passion and excitement’ for helping T1 aspirants made me select her over my other advisors. I believe, our relationship has moved from being a professional to a friendly one. 🙂"

Solutions Architect
Exceptional Talent Visa recipient.

“I’m writing to tell you some amazing news! I just got the endorsement! =) Very happy about it! I appreciate all the help and thank you for all the very valuable info you gave me, I’ll be forever grateful!”

Digital Designer
Exceptional Talent Visa recipient.
South Africa

“I am delighted to be able to offer this feedback to Michelle Hua whose templates and general advice has helped me significantly in preparing an effective personal mission statement. I really can’t thank her enough for the support and guidance on this matter. Absolutely amazing and excellent delivery. Thanks, Michelle, keep doing great things!”

Software engineer,

"l’d like to write to you to tell you the good news that I received the endorsement from Tech Nation as Exceptional Promise! It’s absolutely the best news of the year 🙂 Many thanks for your materials in your membership area and support along the way."

Digital Marketing

"It was great for me to work with Michelle. She was really helpful with my application in all of its stages. She also saved me a lot of time. I’m deeply thankful for her assistance”.

CTO & Electrical Engineer
Exceptional Talent Visa recipient.

“Hi Michelle. I wanted to drop you a quick email to say “thank you” for having a call with me during the summer and encouraging me to apply for Tier 1 visa. I got the decision yesterday and I got the endorsement, so thank you so much for your help and support. It means alot”.

Tech Entrepreneur
Exceptional Promise Visa recipient.

“When I was first researching the Exceptional Talent Visa, your blog was my first stop that gave me direction on how to start and what to do. With your writing, you have inspired me to be confident in applying for this visa. It made my life easier with all the information you accumulated, especially with your Tech Nation Visa blog series. So thanks a lot"

Exceptional Promise Visa recipient.

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